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Date Posted: 
Thursday, October 17, 2019 - 09:00

Guam EPSCoR seeks to increase the number and diversity of students who choose STEM careers by engaging students in its Graduate Research Assistantship Program (GRA). The GRA program is a year-long program open to select graduate students seeking research opportunities with Guam EPSCoR faculty. Student research training and tasks may include field work to investigate coral reefs or to deploy and retrieve oceanographic instruments, as well as work in the University of Guam Marine Laboratory’s Molecular Lab. Selected students will learn about DNA extraction and sequencing and/or how to read out and analyze data to characterize marine environments. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, well organized, and have research interests related to the objectives of the Guam Ecosystems Collaboratorium.

The Student Research Experience program enhances undergraduate curriculums with invaluable research experience and insight into career paths leading to master's and doctoral degrees. Guam EPSCoR students in the SRE Program may participate in field and lab studies that document coral reef ecosystems—with emphasis in EPSCoR’s two major research areas: coral genetics and oceanography.