At the Center of Research
in the Western Pacific

Guam Science & Technology Steering Committee

The Guam Science & Technology Steering Committee 

Guam EPSCoR is comprised of the following voting members:   
Name Title & Organization Membership Status
Frank Lujan CTO- Gov Guam  Co-Chair, Voting
Andrew Gayle COO, GTA Co-Chair, Voting 
Val Brown NOAA Fisheries  Voting Member 
Jon Fernandez GDOE Superintendent Voting Member
Mike Gawel Manager National Parks Services  Voting Member
Rommel Hidalgo UOG CIO Voting Member
Gary Hiles  Chief Economist DOL Voting Member
Gerry Perez M.S. Micromed Voting Member
Robert Underwood  President Emeritus Voting Member
Ansito Walter UOG Faculty Voting Member
Vera Wu Pago Bay Resort Voting Member

Guam EPSCoR Steering Committee Meets during the 2018 Center for Island Sustainability Conference.


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