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Guam EPSCoR Plan - The Guam Ecosystems Collaboratorium

The University of Guam (UOG) received a $6M grant from the National Science Foundation – Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) grant (NSF 14-558). The 5-year grant is focused upon studying the effects of climate change on coral reefs specifically on a genetic basis.

This plan describes research and development priorities and goals for the territory. This strategic plan will serve as a “living document” to guide and direct effort, and the use of human, physical and financial resources, towards achieving the goals and objectives of areas of scientific interest that have been identified as “EPSCoR critical” for the Territory of Guam.

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About Guam EPSCoR

Guam and Micronesia’s natural resources are invaluable and irreplaceable. Guam not only has the potential for STEM innovation; they have incredible potential for discovery of the yet unknown. The importance of discoveries of new plants and animals is unimaginable, not only in terms of new knowledge and information, but also in their application to the problems and challenges of mankind. The EPSCoR/IDeA funded programs are imperative to provide the financial foundation for future growth.


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Guam Science & Technology Plan

Modern development, technology, and climate change are impacting Guam. Guam has a rich research terrain, from tropical island environment to coral reefs to ocean depths resources. Many of the marine plants and animals can be found nowhere else on earth. A general consensus was reached during multiple facilitated meetings; Guam has incredible potential for STEM achievements and contributions to the global research community.

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What is the GEC Biorepository?

The Guam EPSCoR-Guam Ecosystem Collaboratorium (GEC) Biorepository serves as a world-class physical and cyber warehouse of Micronesian marine biodiversity enhancing local research capacity and facilitating collaborative research through global access to geographically-linked specimen records and images. Biological specimens curated as part of the Biorepository include those in historical University of Guam Marine Laboratory collections as well as specimens collected as part of on-going University of Guam EPSCoR-funded research projects. The Biorepository also serves as a digital library of regional research products, including historical and recent publications, and datasets collected as part of Guam EPSCoR research.

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