Our Team

Leadership Team

headshot terry donaldson

Dr. Terry Donaldson

Principal Investigator and Project Director

Professor of Ichthyology. EPSCoR Biorepository Lead. Former Director of Marine Laboratory. President-elect of the Western Association of Marine Laboratories.

Janet Square

Janet T. Dirige

Associate Director and Project Administrator

headshot bastian bentlage

Dr. Bastian Bentlage

Co-Principal Investigator - Research

Associate Professor of Bioinformatics / EPSCoR Science Co-Lead for Genomes Research Objectives and Cyberinfrastructure

Dr. Austin Shelton headshot 092020

Dr. Austin Shelton

Co-Principal Investigator - Education and Workforce Development

Assistant Professor, Extension & Outreach / Director, Center for Island Sustainability and UOG Sea Grant.

RTLG Headshot e1633482924725

Dr. Rachael Leon Guerrero

Co-Principal Investigator - Collaboratorium

Vice Provost for Research & Sponsored Programs and Professor of Nutrition.

Administration Management Team

Johanna Pangelinan

Jordan Jugo

Project Associate - Tracking

Administration Management

Lynn Square

Annalyn Bansil

Financial Analyst II

Administration Management

glenn square

Glenn Meno

Grant Assistant II

Administration Management

Research Team

combosch 1

Dr. David Combosch

Science Co-Lead Genomes - Population Genetics

Associate Professor of Population Genetics

Portrait Lemer SARAH LEMER e1633655877548

Dr. Sarah Lemer

Science Co-Lead Genomes - Genomics

Assistant Professor of Marine Invertebrate Genomics

tom 1

Dr. Tom Schils

Science Genomes - Phycology

Professor of Marine Biology / Phycology

Dr. Atsushi Fujimura

Science Genomes and Phenomes - Oceanography

Associate Professor of Oceanography

lindstrum 1

Dr. Daniel P. Lindstrom

Science Genomes - Genetics

Associate Professor of Biology

IMG 20211011 143306 Hector Torrado Mateo

Dr. Héctor Torado-Matteo

Science Genomes - Genetics

EPSCoR Post Doctoral Researcher for Population Genetics

Carlos Leiva

Dr. Carlos Leiva Martinez

Science Genomes - Genomics

EPSCoR Post Doctoral Researcher for Marine Invertebrate Populations Genomics

laurie raymundo web

Dr. Laurie J. Raymundo

Science Co-Lead Phenomes - Reef Ecology

Interim Director Marine Laboratory | Professor of Marine Biology

IMG 5223 Jaeyong Choi

Dr. Jaeyong Choi

Science Phenomes - Statistics

Assistant Professor of Mathematics


Dr. Hyunju Oh

Science Phenomes - Modeling

Associate Professor of Mathematics

aquino 1

Dr. Leslie J. Camacho Aquino

Science Phenomes - Modeling

Associate Professor of Mathematics

G. Shimpi Website e1633657980893

Dr. Gaurav Shimpi

Science Phenomes - Molecular Ecology

EPSCoR Post Doctoral Researcher for Molecular Ecology

CiemonCaballes crop

Ciemon Caballes, Ph.D.

Science Phenomes

Senior Research Associate | Marine Ecophysiology

HeliouseRouzcrop scaled

Heloise Rouze, Ph.D.

Science Phenomes

Senior Research Associate | Marine Microbiologist

GingerCarter crop

Ginger Carter

Science Genomes | Phenomes

Research Associate | Restoration Technician

NikkoGalanto crop scaled

Nikko Galanto

Science Genomes

Research Associate I

ColinLock crop

Colin Lock

Science Genomes - Ecology

Research Associate II

LoretoPaulinocrop scaled

Loreto Paulino

Lab Technician

Science Genomes / Phenomes - Research

Biorepository Team

20130728 pas3522cpaulselvaggio ed dave burdick

David Burdick


Biorepository Collections Manager

KelsieEbeling Whited crop scaled

Kelsie Ebeling-Whited


Research Associate II

lobbamn 1

Dr. Christopher Lobban

Curator of Diatoms

Professor of Biology. Society of Emeritus Professors & Retired Scholars

KaohinaniKawahigashi crop

Ka'ohinani Kawahigashi


Research Associate II

Diego Vaz3 crop

Diego Vaz, Ph.D.


RobLasley1 crop

Robert Lasley, Ph.D.


Screen Shot 2023 08 17 at 3.22.29 PM

Lloyd Dionisio


Data Manager


Kyla Tuazon


Research Assistant

Science Communication Team

Kyle Square 1

Kyle Mandapat

Assistant Director of Communications

EPSCoR | Sea Grant | Center for Island Sustainability | Guam Green Growth

Amanda 1

Amanda Dedicatoria

Science Communicator

EPSCoR | Guam Green Growth

Louella square 1

Louella Losinio

Science Communicator

EPSCoR | Sea Grant | Center for Island Sustainability | Guam Green Growth

Vince headshot

Vince Su'e

Assistant Science Communicator

EPSCoR | Sea Grant | Center for Island Sustainability | Guam Green Growth


Marissa Villaverde

Extension Associate / Web Specialist


Education and Workforce Development Team (EWD)

schumann 1

Dr. Fred R. Schumann

Researcher / Circular Economy

Professor of Global Resources Management

Cheryk 1

Dr. Cheryl R. Sangueza

Student Program Coordinator

Associate Professor of Education

Emily Wendte3crop

Emily Wendte

Project Associate / Workforce Development

Education Workforce & Development

Abby Craincrop scaled

Abby Crain

G3 Circular Economy Education Coordinator

Education Workforce & Development

Cyberinfrastructure Team

Hark Galarion Photo

Hark Galarion

Computing Facilitator



RU Headshot e1633485376813

Robert Underwood

Advisor/Co-Chair, EPSCoR Science & Technology Steering Committee

Former Delegate from Guam to the United States House of Representatives from 1993 to 2003, and was the president of the University of Guam from 2008 to 2018.

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